Release the Winged Ones – a poem on beginnings

Release the Winged Ones

 Awakening to a sun-soaked Earth

Butterflies Grace the Airwaves

Wings Dusted with Gifts of Home

The Birth Place of the Soul


 Life-Force billows like a Kite in Flight

Heart’s tremor skips a Beat

How may the Journey Unfold?

Will Life fly me?  I hear…YES!


Reap Seeds sown these Years

Nature’s cyclical reciprocal Service

Verdant within Fertile Ground

Awakening with Abundance


It’s time for Gratitude to Breathe

And Release the Winged Ones

Brimming with Goodness

Filled with Stories and Hope


Awakened by Life’s Vibrancy

Anchored in Humility

Standing with Dignity

Lush with Potency


Until the Moment of Flight

Trust approaches with Patience

Witness of Sacred Beginnings

Life Whispers ~ It’s Time…!

 Sarah Whiteley

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